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canada goose coats on sale Has ancient “Native American Philosophy” been passed down to canada goose outlet michigan the present intact? If so, how is it “used,”?Has ancient “Native American Philosophy” been passed down to the present intact? If so, how is it “used,”?I recently read this great post by /u/[Snapshot52] about Native American philosophy.I curious about a couple of things related to that post.1) We know a fair amount about classical western philosophical traditions because many of the “big names,” of ancient philosophy wrote down their thoughts on subjects, or someone else recorded what they taught. Over the years, monks and scholars recoppied those texts, so we have reason to suspect that we really canada goose outlet toronto address know the principles of those philosophical systems.But in the case of NA philosophy, I imagine most of the transmission would have been oral. Do we have a good grasp of NA philosophical traditions as they existed prior to the ravages of disease and war brought by European colonists? I imagine that oral traditions are easily eroded by the large canada goose outlet reviews scale population losses that occurred.If they did survive intact to the present, has there been a continuous stream of Native Americans embracing this philosophy, learning it, and “implementing it” through to the present, even with the oppression of reservation life? Or would these ideas have only been taught only to a minority of the population?2) Western philosophy runs the gamut from the highly practical canada goose kensington parka uk and implementable (Stoicism, for instance) to the largely sorry philosophical traditions that have much less impact on everyday life (Aristotle work, for instance).How would canada goose outlet 2015 NA philosophy fit into this spectrum? Would be it used for canada goose outlet in uk concilations during hard times? Does it largely overlap with what we would consider religious worship or a spiritual approach to living well? Does it nudge into the territory in the western psyche occupied by “science?”. canada goose coats on sale

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