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Making the right investment requires dealing with a market expert that knows and understands the dynamics, structure and legalities of Dubai and the UAE. We are a phone call away.


With a large selection or property in the UAE, making the right decision can be daunting. Which development? Off plan? Ready to move in? Which location? Legalities?  Where to invest?

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will guide you to the right investment.


Tell us what you are looking to sell, we have clients interested to invest.  Whether to sell, or sell and lease back we can help.

Let us meet to understand your requirements.


Whether you want to build a hospital, school, tower or simply a villa, we have a large portfolio of land to suit your investment! 

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Are you a hospital operator?  Are you looking to acquire clinics?  Build a hospital?​

Whether looking to acquire, manage, build or just expand your investment portfolio, we can assist.

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Are you a school operator? Do you want to build a school? Or do you just want to invest in education and expand your portfolio? 

We can assist and meet your requirements.  Give us a call to discuss.


Are you a hotel management company, interested to acquire & manage? Build a hotel?  Or are you just looking for a hotel investment with a healthy ROI?

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Are you looking for a build to own to suit your specific needs? Perhaps you are interested in a long-term lease, or to sell and lease back your premises?

If this is in your agenda, we are happy to discuss.


Do you have a WOW concept to launch in the UAE, or a project that needs finance to continue?

If your business plan is ready, or has stopped due to constraints, we would like to meet and discuss finance options.


A decade in the industry, with strong international networks and partners we can work with you to understand your investment requirements.

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