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Are you a hospital operator?
Are you looking to acquire clinics?
Build a hospital?
Whether looking to acquire, manage, build or just expand your investment portfolio,
we can assist.

Choueri Real Estate has a wealth of experience in healthcare real estate in Dubai, UAE and the MENA Region. With over 30 years of comprehensive experience in assisting healthcare clients with various real estate requirements, Choueri is highly familiar with the specific needs of today’s healthcare industry. Based on our client’s needs, we develop strategies that will create great value to their healthcare business.

We specialize in providing various aspects of real estate services to the healthcare sector. We cater to clients who need assistance related to acquisition and development, joint ventures, start ups, day care or procurement of full-fledged hospitals. Furthermore, we help ensure that up and running operations can obtain a good return of investment.

At Choueri, we are equipped with knowledge, expertise and resources to assist clients throughout the process, from planning and site selection to property acquisition. We will help clients identify the right opportunity to achieve specific business goals.

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